12 | PAD GA TEIM | 14.50

Stir fried meat, mixed vegetables with garlic in black pepper sauce. Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Moo (pork)

13 | PAD PRIG KING | 14.00

Sauteed slices of meat with green beans in a red curry paste. Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Moo (pork)

14 | PAD PRIEW WAAN | 14.50

Sweet and sour (Thai style). Gai (chicken) or Moo (pork)

15 | PAD KING | 14.50

Sauteed meat with julienne ginger, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Moo (pork)

16 | PAD PED | 14.50

Sauteed meat with bell peppers, bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves. Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Moo (pork)

17 | PAD GRA PAOW | 14.50

Sauteed meat with sweet basil leaves, onions and bell peppers in a red curry paste. Gai (chicken), Nua (beef) or Moo (pork)

18 | SWIMMING RAMA | 14.50

Sauteed fresh spinach topped with slices of chicken and peanut sauce


Sauteed chicken with cashew nuts, onions, carrots, celery and bell peppers

20 | BEEF OYSTER SAUCE | 14.50

Sauteed beef with broccoli and carrots in oyster sauce

21 | SESAME BEEF | 14.50

Sauteed beef with celery and broccoli in sesame sauce